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  • About Us

    It all started with a t-shirt...actually 200 t-shirts. 

    Gary Pateman grew up in Sault Saint Marie, Canada where his passion for sports and business was first developed. At the age of 5, Gary started collecting hockey and baseball cards. He remembers riding to the corner store with his dad to get his pack of trading cards. Around the age of 11 Gary began selling and trading the cards from his collection with friends and at local trade shows. This is when Gary first knew he was born to be a business man.

    After graduating from college, Gary and his wife Diane decided to move to Petoskey, Michigan where they started Pateman Chiropractic & Massage and a beautiful family with their son and daughter, Madden and Aya. 

    This is where the t-shirts come in. In 2009, Gary was shopping online for a Buffalo Sabres hoodie (one of his favorite teams) and ran across a Toronto Maple Leafs t-shirt in the clearance section that totaled only 75 cents. He couldn't pass it up! He was about to embark on a fishing trip in Canada with some of his buddies and decided he would buy 10 extra t-shirts to bring up to them. After loading his cart with 10 shirts, Gary saw the low subtotal and increased his purchase to a total of 200 Toronto Maple Leafs t-shirts in his cart...yes, 200. 

    He brought a few up to his friends and family in Canada, who were quite impressed with Gary's deal. They asked what else he could find, which led Gary to many years of late night shopping, an always-increasing eBay store and a closer relationship status with the post office. 

    Once all of the boxes started coming in and apparel started piling up, Diane jumped on board to assist.

    Mancavesonline.com is still based out of Petoskey, Michigan and works to offer all customers with licensed, official athletic wear at a discounted rate. All items are brand new and ready to ship. Now, in 2015, Gary decided it was time to share his love for sports and created this website, in addition to his eBay store, to help reach and serve customers from all over the world.

    Thank you for stopping by - Happy Shopping!